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The experience and know-how of our company allows us to offer both private developers and public, the best results ensuring maximum professionalism and responsibility, even in the case of large works or individual works of special features.

If deemed appropriate, the staff assigned to the project will analyze processes and propose constructive to improve time and cost alternatives and technical solutions to help improve the work and, therefore, to the achievement of project objectives .

Architecture and Engineering


We offer the possibility of hiring jointly drafting and implementation.

In that case, they are defined together with the promoter the many variables that must be considered to ensure optimal functionality of the building and the economic return on investment. The technical capacity and experience of our professionals allow development projects of all sizes with high quality construction designs.

Proyect Management


This system allows to achieve the optimization of resources, providing each client the most profitable and innovative solutions that best meet their needs. We offer a professional and specialized representation in all or some of the passes of a real estate project, from initial design to the end of the works. Thus, we rentabilizamos the most of every budget, controlling the cost, timing and quality of the projects from conception to delivery of the artwork.

For each project becomes a guarantee of success, ZOI performs Project Management services in four phases:

They are determined together with the customer the project objectives, its configuration or scope, cost, time and quality.

We collaborate in the drafting of projects providing value engineering, detect and correct potential issues before they occur and develop the most appropriate procurement system in each case.

We maintain a continuous control over the project, while avoiding possible incidents and managing modifications required by the customer, keeping constantly informed.

We continue to offer broad support to our customers after the delivery of the product to ensure the efficient use thereof, and to resolve any possible incident.



We offer a personalized, customer-focused, always seeking the optimization of resources, materials, human and financial, so you get to maximize the investment of our customers, reducing costs in a timely manner.

We carry out all activities required to implement a new local business or activity to the proper conduct in areas such as licenses to open food shops activities of bars, restaurants, cafes, clubs, offices, office, schools, kindergartens , gyms, small industries, workshops, warehouses, non-food shops, hotels, hostels, schools, warehouses, garages, industrial manufacturing and use local changes to housing and vice versa.

Our experience in those services and engineering projects within this branch projects opening licenses and licensing activity allows us to offer a service in your investment or engineering project will be guaranteed quality from its origin to its construction, making at all times directly responsible for the tasks that we develop.

Turnkey Projects


Due to the accumulated experience for many years in the building sector operations we can offer “turnkey”.

This type of contract covers all issues involved in the design and construction of a building, working from the customer’s initial idea to delivery of the building completely finished.

The “turnkey” system can include the entire process of development of the project or only the building process.

The advantage of the system is that contract with a single partner responsible and caring for the implementation and coordination of the process side. SYMETRA applies this system whenever the customer wishes to the contractual commitment to comply with the planning and qualities determined and agreed to a fixed price.